Potplayer Vs VLC : Which One Is Best?


I fulfilled among my buddies after a long moment. Luckily, we love watching films. When we guys met instead of asking”How are you?” We asked every other “Which film you saw last?”

The level of craziness that we have in regards to films is to a completely different level.

But unexpectedly, I got in a shock when Krishna(my friend) said that he sees movies at the PotPlayer, video program. And I asked him not VLC? It’s the very best video player .

Krishna said:”Dude, VLC isn’t the best anymore. PotPlayer is the newest trend.”

Me:”VLC has been the very best and will always remain the very best, Krishna.”

We started battling for a silly reason. I hope that we both had read this article before getting into a serious struggle.

When you’ve got a similar friend as Krishna, I recommend you to read this informative article till the conclusion because in this contrast I will burst all of the myths and choose the very best video player between vlc and potplayer which of course you’ll like it as well.

Potplayer Vs VLC

Potplayer vs VLC

Let us immediately compare all the significant characteristics of the applications so you don’t have to struggle with your friends. Only the way I did.

1. Video Formats

Potplayer supports the majority of the video and the sound formats. On the other hand, the downside of VLC here’s it is excellent in encouraging video formats although not that good at managing all of the audio formats.

And due to this, you may struggle here with VLC Media Player.

2. User Interface

The User Interface is clean and fast loading on PotPlayer. In addition, It’s user-friendly and easy to understand and utilize. On the opposing side, VLC’s UI, when compared with PotPlayer, is a little difficult to understand and use because at times it gets confusing to access all the features.

3. Software Support

Here VLC Player is a very clear winner as the program is quite old and that’s why they support all the significant platforms such as Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. However, Potplayer becoming brand new in the marketplace needs to work with this as currently they simply provide supports for Windows stage that’s a enormous downside as of this moment.

4. Extensibility

With VLC you get a plugin Mozilla/Firefox so that you can watch and stream pictures from the browser. However, on Potplayer that you will not observe any such support available they are yet to think of assistance from numerous OS. Document Download Size

5. Download Size

Discussing the file size of the software VLC is a 37 MB program whereas Potplayer is 23.5 MB. So if you’re tight on space in your own system, then Potplayer can help you to save a portion of it.

So which player is best Potplayer vs VLC?

It’s a difficult choice to make as the video gamers are best in their own zones. Talking about the primary purpose for which both the resources are created that is video playing. Well, both the tools are doing a pretty good job in video enjoying with. Thus, if you are interested in a player merely to watch the video then you can download any of the both doesn’t matter.

However, if you’re somebody who looks into small details just how I’m doing than palms down Potplayer is something I would advise you to opt for. I know it’s new and supports just Windows but soon the instrument will support all the major platforms. Potplayer supports all of the video and sound files also it’s less in size and easy to use. Being a user, we’re ever on the lookout for a complete instrument, and I think Potplayer is fulfilling all our requirements.

Wrap Up:

I expect you liked this comparison article between VLC and Potplayer. Now you know that’s the best and why. Should you still have some doubts then don’t forget to leave a comment below and also don’t forget to share it with your buddies. I’m going to talk about it with Krishna so we could fix the problem between us.