How to Listen to Spotify Web Player Using Your Web Browser


Spotify web player is one of our favorite music streaming solutions, and one thing you might not be aware of is it to use it, you do not need to download a program: you may use it directly from the web browser. To use it in a few of those different browsers, head to and register in. If you do not have a Spotify web account, you can sign up for free; the free program hasn’t been better.

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If you use the web player while on the free plan, you are going to have the complete Spotify free encounter. You’ll only hear a couple of minutes of advertisements every hour so that Spotify will cover the artists. We, but do think it is worth paying Spotify web player should you use it a great deal. It’s possible to create playlists (and access those you set up in your app), navigate included recommendations, search for particular artists and tunes, and also switch on to the Radio mode. You also have access to everything in the Spotify catalog that you would have in the program.

Select exactly what you would like to listen to, click the Play button, and you are good to go.

Though the Spotify Web Player is convenient, it will have a couple of drawbacks.

Audio files are streamed at a lower bitrate through the Web Player compared to the desktop program. Free of charge readers get 128kbps in your Web Player however 160kbps from the desktop program. Premium subscribers get 256kbps from the Web Player but up to 320kbps from the desktop program.

The media playback controls in your computer or headphones will not work with all the web player.

If you’re a Premium subscriber, then you can’t download monitors for offline listening or access Spotify web player while you’re offline. You, Will, Need the app for It.

If you’re using your computer, it is probably a great idea to get the desktop app. However, if you’re borrowing a computer or laptop and wish to follow some tunes–or if you use a Chromebook then the Spotify Web Player is fantastic; it’s a far better way to listen to songs than YouTube.