How to Find Your Wi-Fi Password


What is the password to your Wi-Fi system, anyway? Whether you’ve changed the default password or not, it’s simple to find your password. It is also possible to look up any Wi-Fi network password if you’ve previously connected to that network in a Windows PC or Mac.

how to find wifi password

This is critical for hooking up new devices to your community. Whether you’ve misplaced your home network’s password or you’re visiting someone and don’t need to ask them to get the password a second time, here is how you can find it.

Assess your router’s default password, usually printed on a sticker over the router.

Back in Windows, go to Network and Sharing Center, click your Wi-Fi system, also go to Wireless Properties > Security to see your Network Security Key.

Modern Wi-Fi routers–along with the joint router/modem units provided by many online service providers–come with a default Wi-Fi system name and password. Every router has its own default password, which is frequently arbitrary.

To find the default password find your Wi-Fi router and then analyze it. You need to see a sticker somewhere on this which contains the”SSID”–the wireless network name–along with the password. When you haven’t altered the default password yet, you can use that password to attach to this router.

If you don’t see a default password printed on the router, consider looking at the documentation which came with the router to learn more.

Imagine if you do not have the manual or the password is not on the router sticker?

When you’ve connected to your router using the password, be sure to alter it and then store the password in your password supervisor so that your router is protected.

How to Find the Current Wi-Fi Password on Windows

If you’ve connected to a Wi-Fi network from a Windows laptop or desktop PC, then Windows will remember that Wi-Fi system’s password. You are able to look up the Wi-Fi password any Windows computer that is currently connected to–has connected to–that Wi-Fi network.

The quickest way to do this right-click on the Wireless Network icon in the taskbar and click on”Open Network and Sharing Center.”

Notice: Recent Windows 10 upgrades have transformed this. Click on the”Open Network & Internet Settings” option that appears in the context menu rather. When the Preferences window scrolls down and click”Network and Sharing Center.” You could also simply head to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.

Click on the title of the Present Wi-Fi link.

Click on the “Wireless Properties” button at the Wi-Fi Status window that appears.

Click the “Security” tab and then activate “Show characters” checkbox to see the hidden password.

How to Find Previously Connected Wi-Fi Passwords

Windows also stores the Wi-Fi password of networks you have connected to previously. In Windows 7 and earlier, you’ll find these in the Network and Sharing Center, and however in Windows 8 and Windows 10, then you will want to use the command prompt.

Find Passwords for Additional Wi-Fi Networks in Windows 7 and Earlier

To get started, click on the “Manage wireless networks” link in the left menu at this Network and Sharing Center.

You’ll see a list of the preceding networks you’ve connected to. Double-click a community name to open the system’s properties.

From the system properties window, go to the Security tab and check the box next to “Show personalities” to see the Wi-Fi password at the”Network security key” field.

Find Passwords for Other Wi-Fi Networks from Windows 8 and 10

In Windows 10 and 8.1, you will have to use the command prompt to find a previous system’s password. Right-click the Start button and choose”Command Prompt” to quickly open it.

Then type in another command:

netsh wlan show profiles

You’re going to get a list of the Wi-Fi programs you have accessed before.

To find the password for one of the profiles, type in the following, replacing profile name together with the name of the profile:

netsh wlan show profile name=profilename key=clear

Look for the “Essential Content” line to find the Wi-Fi password to get that Wi-Fi network.

How to Find Current or Previous Wi-Fi Password on a Mac

When you’ve got a Mac that’s currently attached to the Wi-Fi system or previously connected to it, you may even look up the password on that Mac.

To find the Wi-Fi password in your Mac, press Command+room to open the Spotlight search dialogue, form “Keychain Access” with no quotations, and press Enter to start the Keychain Access program.

Locate the title of your own Wi-Fi system in the list, click it, and then click the”data” button–it resembles an “I”–in the bottom of the window.

Click the”Show Password” checkbox from the window which appears. You will need to put in your username and password to obtain access to the password. You will want an administrator account with it.

Once you do, your Mac will show you the Wi-Fi network’s password.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password on a Rooted Android Phone

It is much less easy to reveal the password for a Wi-Fi network on Android or iOS; however, it’s possible. Your Android apparatus would have to be frozen, however.

To start, download another root-enabled file explorer, for example, ES File Explorer. Launch the program and then tap the menu button at the top left corner. Scroll down and slide the “Root Explorer” switch to “On”.

Grant it superuser access when prompted.

Subsequently, in the left menu, then go to Local > Device.

From that point, browse to data/misc/wifi and start the wpa_supplicant. Conf file from the file explorer’s text/HTML viewer.

Scroll down or search for your SSID to find the password to get this, next to the term”ask”.

How to Find a Wi-Fi Password onto a Jailbroken iPhone or even iPad

The only means to reveal a Wi-Fi network’s password into iOS is to jailbreak your device.

The harness on the Install button to install it manually. It’s compatible with iOS 7, 6, 7, and 9.

Once installed, open the program, and you’re going to be provided with a list of every Wi-Fi network you’ve linked to, together with their passwords. You’re able to search for the network you’re searching for or scroll right down to it.

How to Find a Wi-Fi Password from the Router’s Web Interface

When you have access to the router web interface, you can also try to look it up there. This assumes that the router is either using its default username and password so that you may log in, so you know the current username and password for the router.

Go to a router’s web interface and then register in using the username and password your router requires. Look through the router interface to get a”Wi-Fi” or even labeled segment. You will see the existing Wi-Fi password displayed on this display, and it is also possible to decide to switch it to whatever you want from here.

If All Else Fails: Reset Your Router to Its Default Wi-Fi Password

Can not find your Wi-Fi system’s password and do not have access to a router’s web interface — or just don’t want to bother? Don’t worry. You can reset your router and make it use the default Wi-Fi passphrase printed onto the router once again.

Find a little”reset” button on the modem. It is often a pinhole button you’ll have to press using a bent paperclip or some similarly small object. Press the button down for ten minutes or so, and your router settings will be totally erased and reset to the defaults. The Wi-Fi system name and password is going to be restored to the default ones on the router.

Not certain what your router Wi-Fi system name — or SSID — is? Just examine the Wi-Fi configurations on any apparatus attached to the Wi-Fi system, and you’re going to see the system name. If no devices are connected yet, you should see this information printed on the router itself or at the router’s confirmation.